Nov. 19, 2013

Tears, Fears, and Legacies are formed

One reason NLRstudios took a break from blogging:

It happened to me. It happened to my family. It happened to my dad.

Growing up dad was a super hero. My super hero! He raced four wheelers on a professional level. And every Christmas I had the gifts I had been asking for. During basketball years I always wanted to play in Jordans shoes and I got them. He did everything in my eyes with ease. He worked, he coached, and he went to every game that any of his kids had. He was my invincible dad.

I grew up knowing what my dad had done for me even if I was sometimes angry because he was working so much, but when it came down to his final days I realized that I didn’t know anything…

While on our last family vacation (pictured below) I found out that my dad had stomach pains, but still thinking my father was invincible I assumed the pains would pass. Months went by where the pain was unbearable, but my dad hated doctors. Well, he didn’t like them…but the pain was to the point where he had to get things taken care of. The results were in and he was stage 4 cancer. The doctors said, “you need a miracle.” But my families faith was not in the doctors, it was in Jesus Christ. We prayed and dieted and took medicine for months. We kept up our faith even when we were holding my dad with no movement. None of this obviously was not our plan and we would never understand. God would somehow still lead us in victory. Building 429’s song “We Won’t Be Shaken” was playing and as we hugged and sang this song in our deepest sorrows.

Now with the help of my mom and brother we are leading my dad’s business as he did. It’s not until all this that I now have a glimpse of what his life was about. It was crazy, hectic, stressful and rewarding all at the same time. He had to pray everyday because he knew he couldn’t do this on his own. Not only do I have a chance to get to walk in his footsteps but I now know I will always have the honor to pray in his footsteps. I know that even if I was upset sometimes because my dad was gone working his sacrificing wasn’t for himself but for his family. Even though I had to be in his footsteps to realize all of this. He is my superhero!!! He is my invincible dad. How you may ask? Because my dad is passed on earth but rejoices in Heaven.

Conclusion: My dad supported me in everything I did. My dad once snapped photos on the old film cameras and I will continue to prosper his business and use my gifts and talent of photography to bring joy to peoples heart. All this to to say that blogs will start showing back up, so stay tuned for reason #2 why we took a break from blogging.

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